Seven Dancers Coalition

"Restoring Harmony Within Indigenous Communities"

The mission of the Seven Dancers Coalition is to uplift the families of Indigenous Communities by educating and restoring traditional values with the purpose of strengthening self-confidence and dignity. We strive for an environment of peace and tranquility to heal all indigenous spirits. 

The Intentions of the Seven Dancers Coalition are:


1.) To Increase awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault against Native American Women, and their families, through education and prevention programs while incorporating the culture of our peoples.


2.) To strengthen the response to violence against Native American Women, and their families at the Tribal, Federal and State levels


3.) Identify and provide technical assistance to coalition membership and indigenous communities to enhance access for essential services to Native American Women and their families that have experienced  domestic violence and sexual assault.


Traditionally our Haudenosaunee communities, similar to other tribes and nations, were harmonious and balanced based on equal respect between the men and women.  The roles of the women were seen as being of equal importance to the roles of the men, and the women were held in high regard as the life-bringers and care takers of the earth, plants, and families.  The Haudenosaunee similar to many other indigenous tribes and nations were matrilineal, which means the clans and kinship was handed down from a woman to her children.   The women were the Clan Mothers and played an important role in the selection of leaders, decision making, in maintaining peace and in promoting a good mind. 


All of the values and beliefs prohibited the mistreatment or abuse of women and children, and that is why the Seven Dancers Coalition are using our cultural beliefs and legends to promote awareness and prevention of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Teen Dating Violence, Stalking and Sex Trafficking.


It is important to remember the teachings that we were given from the Creator and to recognize that these types of violence need to be put to a stop in our Indigenous communities.  The Seven Dancers Coalition would like to provide you with some basic information and ways to identify if these things are occurring in your home, your family or in your community.  We hope that you use this website as a stepping stone to reaching out to the agency, program or individual you may need assistance from.  Please feel free to contact us at any time for additional help or information.

The Seven Dancers Coalition would like to explain what Domestic Violence,  Sexual Assault,  Teen Dating Violence, Stalking, and Sex trafficking are.



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We focus on ending violence against women and their families

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