The Coalition

Since its foundation, Seven Dancers Coalition continues to welcome new members year after year. We strive to meet and exceed all of our members' needs.


There are no membership fees and our only requirement is that  you are commited to working toward strengthening our Indigenous Communities.

Interested in becoming a member? Please call  (518)358-2916 or email

Meet The Staff

The Seven Dancers

 Our staff members are highly qualified, hold significant knowledge, actively participate in  diverse training, and often serve as experts in their repsective fields.  

Amie Barnes, Executive Director

Phone: (518)358-2916  ext. 7000


Honey Skidders, Finance Officer

Phone: (518)358-2916  ext. 7001


Taylen Sunday, Community Outreach Worker

Phone: (518) 358-2916  ext. 7003



Keena King, Community Outreach Worker

Phone: (518)358-2916  ext. 7004


Natalie Leaf, Community Outreach Support Worker

Phone: (518)358-2916


Harvey Herne, Men's Program Manager

Phone: (518)358-2916  ext. 7006


Pray Lazore, Youth Men's Community Outreach Worker

Phone: (518)358-2916  ext. 7005


Phil Preston, Communications Specialist

Phone: (518) 358-2916  ext. 7002


Raun Mitchell, Community Outreach

Phone: (518) 358-2916  


Tracey Printup, Community Outreach Specialist

Lockport Office.... PHONE LINE COMING SOON

Board of Directors

Karonienhawi Thomas, Treasurer

Julie Snow, Board Member

Honorable Carrie Garrow, Board Member

Dinah Porter, Advisory Board Member

Susan Lyons, Board Member

Marla Light, Board Member

Jean Fei, Advisory Board Member

Our Location

The Seven Dancers Coalition 


Located at:

1569 State Route 37
Hogansburg, NY 13655


76 West Ave (Suite 1)

Lockport, NY 14094


Mailing address:

Seven Dancers Coalition

PO Box 399

Akwesasne, NY 13655


Fax: (518)333-0905


Use our contact form.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday  8:00-4:00

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